For Naval Personnel

1. Opening hours of aqua golf range

  Daily 0615hrs to 1200hrs
    1400hrs to 1800hrs`

2. All the Naval personnel can make use of the facilities during the said times.

(Naval personnel below the rank of captain have to bear following charges & need to obtain a receipt for that.)
  • For first 100 balls Rs. 50
           -   For next 25 block Rs 10

3. If a naval personnel does not have necessary gears to play golf, that will be provided free of charge. However the safety & the responsibility of such gears lie with the person whom it has been issued to.

4. Proper sport rig is pre-requisite before entering into the range.

5. The novices are requested to seek the service of the experienced instructors employed in the range.

6. Precedence will be given to the outside players who come to play golf.

Family Members of Naval Personnel

1. All the family members of naval personnel have to bear following charges and need to obtain a receipt .
  • For first 100 balls 50
           -   After 100 for next 25 balls block 10

2. Chargers would not be levied upon children aged below 12 for first 50 balls.

           -   For the next 25 ball block 10.

3. Children aged below 4 will not be allowed to play.

For Guests

1. No fee will charged on guest players. They will only be charged on,

For first 100 balls Rs. 800
First 100 for next 25 ball blocks Rs. 100
Golfing gears Rs. 500
Service of an instructor Rs. 500
Fetching a visiting Instructor Rs. 600

2. A player purchases 500 balls will be entitled to go for a swim at the pool of SLNS Gemmunu for One hour.

3. Outside novices must seek the assistance of the instructors of Sri Lanka Navy Golf pool.